How to Fix Water Damage on Wood Floors

water removal wood floors

Water damage can be one of the most destructive events that can happen to your home. If it’s not addressed quickly it can damage building materials such as wood floors.

Water Heater Leaking? What To Do

water heater leak repair

What to do if you find your hot water heater leaking. A water heater contains 50 gallons of water that can quickly damage your floors, walls, and possessions.

What To Do If My Ceiling Is Leaking?

couple leaky roof Mckinney

You may have a ceiling leak if you notice bubbles in your ceiling, blister paint, stains, water dripping, and/or wet spots on the walls. Find out what to do next.

Appliances Likely to Cause Water Damage

flooded kitchen

Broken appliances are not only an inconvenience but can also result in water damage throughout your home or business. Find out how to avoid costly water damage from appliances.

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