Content Cleaning & Packouts

Content Cleaning & Packouts Service

Content pack-out and cleaning is often the final stage of the water mitigation, fire damage, and mold restoration process when the contents in your home that are salvageable are cleaned and repaired. For many, this is the most important stage of the process as items of sentimental value are restored. These possessions are carefully removed from premises, cataloged, and brought to a specialized facility for cleaning. You can rest assured that Alpha One Restore will treat your possessions with the utmost respect while transporting and cleaning your contents.

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We can handle the restoration of all types of contents, including:

Furniture Upholstery

Bedding – Comforters and Quilts

Clothing – Dry clean only included



Office Equipment

Kitchen Items


Packout and Content Cleaning Process


We will work with you to identify which items are salvageable that can be restored and cleaned. We will create a detailed inventory of all the your items that are packed out.


After the identification stage, we will carefully package and remove all your items from your home. We will transport them to our contents processing center.


We will use specialized contents cleaning technology, such as industrial wash systems, ultrasonic cleaning equipment and freeze-drying systems to restore your contents.

Why Alpha One Restore

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Service Area

Alpha One Restore of McKinney, Texas is proud to provide the highest quality damage restoration services to the greater Dallas TX area. Some of the cities that we service include:


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